Health Care with no Financial Scare

No health insurance or high deductible ?

No problem…

SGHC is proud to start Cash clinic/ Fee for service. Look at our list and see how much you have to pay…

Focused Visit $80

Includes most common acute health problems taking about 15 minutes:

  • - Sinus Infection
  • - Bladder Infection
  • - Ear infection
  • - Pink eye
  • - Strep Throat

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Complex Visit $120

Include multiple health issues, or symptoms that may require more time to evaluate, including More than one medical issues

  • - Dizziness
  • - Chest and abdominal pains
  • - Initial Diabetes Assessment
  • - Depressed Mood
  • - Anxiety

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Focused Visit | $80

Simple Infection Urine and Genital Infection Skin Problems Stitch/Staple Removal (if put by other physician)
Pink eye/ stye Urine Infection Eczema Simple Burn
Ear pain/ Swimmer’s Ear Vaginal Infection Acne Nail fungus
Sore Throat/ strep throat/ Mono Impetigo
Flu like symptoms Muscle and joint Poison Ivy/Poison Oak
Sinus Infection Ankle sprain Ringworm/ athlete’s foot
Acute Bronchitis Neck sprain Scabies/ lice/ Lyme disease
Cold sore/ canker sore Shoulder sprain Shingles
Insect bite/ sting Knee sprain Splinter removal

Complex Visit: $120

Dizziness/syncope, Chest pains, Pneumonia, Abdominal pain, New high blood pressure, Abnormal cholesterol, Anxiety, Depressed mood, Initial diabetes assessment, Headache, More than one medical problem, Management of chronic conditions.

Simple office procedures:

Wart treatment (first) $75 Wart treatment (every additional) $25
Genital wart (first) $75 Genital wart (every additional) $25
Skin Tag (first) $50 Skin tag (every additional) $25
Abscess Drainage simple $150 Abscess Drainage complex $200
Ingrown toe nail excision $200 Splinter removal $75
Cortisone Injection(Shoulder, elbow, carpal tunnel, knee) $100
Trigger point injection (first) $75 Trigger Point injection (each additional) (50)
Laceration repair depend upon size of laceration ..

Physicals $150

Complete Physical $150
Pre-Operative Physical $150
Camp/ School/ sports Physicals ($75)

These prices do not include possible additional charges for lab tests that may be necessary to evaluate certain conditions.

Lab Draw $15
Strep test $25
Mono Test $25
Urine Analysis $20
Urine Pregnancy $20
Flu Test $25
PPD test ( one step) $20
PPD test (two step) $40
CBC(include hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Platelet count) $25
CMP(include Liver function test, electrolytes, calcium level) $25
Lipids (cholesterol) $25
HgbA1c (diabetes) $25
TSH $20
Thyroid Panel(TSH, free t3, free T4) $40
B12 $25
Vit D $50
Uric Acid (gout) $25
PSA (prostate) $25
Testosterone $25
Estradiol $25
Progesterone $25
FSH $25
Pap Smear $75
Measles titre
Mumps titre
Rubella titre
Varicella titre
Hepatitis B titre
EKG $60
Spirometry $60


We usually provide same day appointment during business hours…

Payment by cash or credit cards. We accept all major credit cards…

Question: Is fee schedule simple?
Answer: There are 2 levels of visits.

Focused visit is $80 which includes most of the common acute illnesses.

Expanded visit which include chronic problems and takes more time is $120.

These prices do not include labs tests, which are sometimes required for evaluation. We also have simple fee for labs, physicals and office procedures.

Question: Why I need cash service?
Answer: (1) It is helpful if you have no insurance and
(2) Even if you have health insurance, often times, it is less expensive than going through insurance and trying to meet your deductible.

Question: What is the quality of service?
Answer: Your visit will be with Dr Aggarwal, award-winning primary care physician

Question: What other services do you provide?
Answer: We can provide labs at a fraction of what it cost to go to labs or hospital. In collaboration with local radiological centers we can arrange x-ray, CT scan and MRI scan at very nominal price.

To promote and maintain health of the society by including not only modern technology of the conventional medicine, but also other supplementary methods e.g. nutritional medicine and hormonal therapies.

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